…. calling time on the booze cycle….

I created Ditch the Drink to support working women who have found themselves caught in the booze cycle. By this I mean your life is likely to be pretty good, you have family and friends around you and to the outside world you would not consider that you have a problem with your drinking. It brings FUN to your life eh? However increasingly it may be that the reality each day you tell yourself that you are not going to have a drink in the evening and that you will wait for the weekend, then after what seems to be a stressful day you find yourself bargaining with your booze brain as to whether you deserve a drink. Before you know it, wine o clock has come around again and not only have you drank but probably more than you intended to. With that comes shame & regret that you were unable to stick to your morning promise.

The booze cycle continues.

Let me tell you, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! I was stuck in this cycle and now have a passion to help working women free themselves from it. The result? hard to believe but you can not only LIVE life booze free but LOVE life booze free and get rid of all that mind chatter once and for all.

Let me show you how ♥


Women drinking wine is seen as normal!! An article worth a read....

"Most people now don’t think of alcohol as any sort of indulgence, but as a normal part of the weekly shop"

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The global study, published in the medical journal BMJ Open, warned that women risk paying the price with their health as campaigners said the trend is being driven by a British ‘wine o’clock’ c...

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….am I drinking TOO much?

Alcohol is all around us, ingrained in society like it belongs. It’s the fabric of Parties, Social Functions, Birthdays, Births, Deaths, Christenings, Holidays, Christmas & New Year Celebrations. It’s even lurking in a Driving Test pass (erm what?!). In fact anything that deserves a celebration sees us cracking open a bottle …and why not? after all we are taught to believe that booze is a normal happy addition to any worthy event.

But what happens when the party is over, (or if it never even started) and the reality of your drinking has become regular and all consuming. The hangovers are deeper, the shame and regret is real and maybe….just maybe you have found yourself curiously googling am I drinking too much?”

Follow me, you are in the right place ♥

…. what would your momma say?….

♥ Maybe you are on the brink, of making the choice to ditch the drink,

♥ You feel like no one can help you choose, most would tell you to pick the booze,

♥ I know it feels safer to stay as you are, than to be thought of as odd when you’re not at the bar!

♥ However YOU are the master of YOUR own fate, do something now it’s never too late.

My "love live booze free" sober course registration opens soon!

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